What's it all about?

Photograph of Graham Coates embarking on a caving trip

What's it all about? That's easy! It's about having fun - but safely!

At GC Outdoors, I'm here to offer you an experienced, skilled, qualified and knowledgeable expert to help you, your family and your friends to have an absolutely FANTASTIC time in the great outdoors of the North of England.

So - what takes your fancy?

I can be your very own personal expert, to guide you on all these activities. And because I'm lucky enough to live here, I know the best walks, routes and trips. (And to be scrupulously honest, also because I've been playing in the outdoors ever since I was big enough to open my garden gate by myself.) I can take you to those places only the locals know about, with the most spectacular scenery, the best views, the most exciting routes - or even the best pubs for lunch!

I know, I know, it's a hard life.

Fancy a biology lesson? No, neither do I. BUT I do know a bit about the plants, animals and history of the area too, so I can help you to learn a little about the beautiful environment, we'll be exploring if you'd like that too. And to be honest, I won't need much encouragement to tell you ALL about it… just tell me to shut up if I'm going on…

It would be my privilege to accompany you on your outdoor adventures. The happiest and most satisfying experiences of my life are always outdoors - it's my pleasure to help them to be yours too.

Photograph of Ingleborough in the snow